It’s amazing how resilient we as humans are. One moment we could be feeling deep emotions at our very core and the next, we have moved on to something else. This helps us to carry on with our daily lives but it also can be seen as how fickle we really are.

I remember attending a funeral of someone who I had never met and yet I still felt very upset and began contemplating. Although I was relatively young, I began thinking about how sad it was for this man’s family to have lost him. I felt something I had never felt before, it was a sad heavy atmosphere with adults crying around me. I remember asking myself why I was so sad even though I didn’t know the man. As I grew older, when I thought back to that event, I was amazed at how I felt so sad and yet I got over quickly soon after it was over.

Certain events such as illnesses and funerals manage to shake us up out of our daily life reveries and make us look at our own lives and how we are living it. It almost gives us an electric shock. Yes this sounds incredibly selfish but this is how we as humans are. We begin to examine our own goals and what we have done so far. We begin to think whether we’d have any regrets, whether we’d be remembered, whether we’d be satisfied with ourselves. However for some reason, this serious moment of contemplation only lasts for a short while. We let ourselves get caught up in our own little worlds again. This may be deliberate, as we want to forget the unpleasantness or unanswerable questions in life. Many of us throw ourselves into our jobs or stress relieving methods (alcohol, partying etc). Although it may be selfish, it is a useful way to re-align or change your life and do something more positive.

In light of recent tragedies, I’m sure a lot of people have been thinking about their own lives, reminding themselves to treat their friends and family better as we never know what will happen. I find that those who weren’t directly affected move on relatively quickly. Of course it will always be remembered as something sad and horrible that had happened but after the initial shock and comprehension of what happened, we seem to be able to move on with our lives within a week or so. People carry on talking about how that bag they can’t afford or how their significant others are annoying them. These ‘problems’ quickly fade away when compared to human loss of life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing people as this is a way of survival and helps us through it. This is just a thought that occurred to me. There is no set period of mourning or rules about how to act. We all react and cope differently and in our own ways. It shows how strong we can be, how we can overcome the biggest setbacks in our lives. All we can hope for is to live our lives for the better and help each other in any way we can.

Till our next meeting,

Anon Online.


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