We may have had that thought – ‘when did life get so complicated?’ Even before becoming adults life became increasingly complicated and we long to go back to those days in our childhood where our biggest worry was gathering sticks in the garden or something (before the days where technology took over). This may be unrelated but think back to your childhood memories and you think of the happy days, where there were no worries and you can’t actually remember what you were thinking at that time.

Things begin to get complicated when you enter nursery/kindergarten, this may be because of a different environment, being without your parents and having to interact with the ‘real world’. You meet new children and adults and your world becomes slightly bigger than just your home. At that age your biggest worry may be that other child who won’t play with you or that toy you couldn’t have. These problems at the time would have seemed like the world was falling apart at that time but we’re resilient and forget about it an hour later until the next ‘apocalypse’. I suppose at that young age we have so little to worry about because we know so little, and the fact that we have our parents to rely on.

Now throughout our teenage years we begin to be a little more dramatic, where exams, friends and the opposite sex (or same) are our biggest worries. It’s understandable seeing that we spend most of our time at school. We probably interact with the people at school more than our family. Even at this point we will think back and long for those simpler times. Little do we know that as adults, we would be thinking back to this stage and wishing we were back there.. Back to the days before bills and jobs and social networking. Back to when people didn’t expect anything off you or expect you to be a ‘grown up’. It would seem as if all of a sudden all the responsibilities and all the things you should do come crashing down on you as soon as you turn 18 or 21.

As adults we get caught up in this kind of vortex, where we’re so busy and our lives are so complicated. We just have to take a breath and realise that we’re the ones that make our lives more complicated than it should be. We need to go back to our aim in life and not concentrate on our mini goals that overtake our lives such as getting the next promotion etc. I think that many of our aims in life would just to be happy in life. By having an end life goal, we can work back and see the steps we need to take in order to achieve it. We don’t want to be rushing about and suddenly thinking – why am I even doing this? As with everything, we need to take breaks and re-evaluate our lives and make sure it’s on track to achieving what we want.

We have to simplify things in order to achieve more clarity. Something that helps me simplify my life is to have less. Less of everything. If I stop craving for more things, I won’t feel like I have to sell and arm and a leg to get it, I won’t be stressing over it and I will also have a less cluttered home. This might seem obvious but by having less at home, there’ll be more space and you’ll feel freer? I don’t know if that makes sense but you’ll feel more relaxed instead of suffocated. Either way, there’ll be a lot of different ways on how people can simplify their lives. You can start with little things and you’ll see the difference.. Or if you’re happy with your life as it is… just take this as some light reading.

Till our next meeting,

Anon Online.


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