‘We’re all unique like snowflakes’.. Really? I’ve recently had the feeling of insignificance amongst the billions of people in the world. We’re always told that we’re special and we each have a purpose, but in actuality, the differences between us are very small. You could say someone is unique even if they only have only differing quality from you. Then genetically we are told how similar we are to each other (99.5%) even if no one has identical gene sequences, apart from twins. I wonder how twins must feel. Also the fact that apparently we have six looks a likes in the world. We also see how similar we are to other objects such as bananas and this feeling of being special starts to decrease. Now that’s just the science. What about our characteristics? Of course we could generalize and state the most basic things that we all have in common such as all having a motivation in life.

When we begin to realise this, we may start to spiral out and think about other things such as purpose of life etc.. it’s a slippery slope into an existential crisis. However I feel like we should be talking about this, maybe we’ll have some sort of peace. It’s all put into perspective when you look at the larger picture, at the size of the universe, the amount of people on earth and just the fact that you’re on earth for a tiny fraction of time. Obviously there are two sides to everything and you can be positive and try and do as much with life as possible or you could be negative and think – what’s the point? Clearly for a healthy mind, the positive side is the best.

I’m going to delve into the negative side just for discussion but if you’re already a cynical thinker, you probably shouldn’t read on. Here’s the thing about snowflakes, when they say that every snowflake is unique, do they mean every snowflake that has ever existed? Or just the ones that are falling before they melt? Also how insignificant are snowflakes if all they do is fall towards the ground and melt into nothingness..? These are apparently the important questions in my head. Anyway, back to humans (sorry for my tangent), we’re all trying to distinguish ourselves today, we see the competition in everything; jobs etc. We all seem to be vying for the same things and in order to be seen, we try our hardest to do everything and anything to stand out. Even with today’s society encouraging individualism, is it all fake? What I mean by that is, is that society trying to cover up the fact that really, everyone is just the same and telling ourselves we’re all unique just to feel better?

Of course we all have different strengths and weaknesses but I’m pretty sure that someone in the world has similar traits to me, so much so that we’d say we’re one and the same. I think in the end, we shouldn’t focus on these things and instead just strive towards what makes us happy because this line of thought most definitely does not gives us anything but more questions.

Anyway, just some badly arranged thoughts for you. Maybe you could add to it?

Till our next meeting,

Anon Online.