Dreams have always fascinated me and for as young as I can remember I have always dreamt. You would be transported into a completely different world that seemed so real. My mother would also tell me about the dreams I told her when I was young. They would range from wonderful dreams where I am doing what I love the most, to nightmares where I am running for my life, to doing the most mundane things. I have constantly wondered whether there were any special meanings behind it and sometimes wondered if it was an indication of something to come.

I have had dreams of strangers, dreams with recurring themes such as running from something, stressful dreams. However I have never had certain popular dreams such as being naked in front of an audience of in school. I have had adventures on pirate ships (once) and a lot of spy-like experiences.

Here’s something funny, have you ever experienced this?: when you’re in bed and you’re on the brink of falling asleep and suddenly out of nowhere you have a dream/thought of yourself falling, it could be down some stairs or out of bed and you have some sort of real-life spasm throughout your body, looking like a total idiot and as a result you wake up. Good thing this only happens when you’re in private!

I have learnt a lot about my dreams, like having some sort of lucidity in dreams such as knowing I am in a dream but unable to do anything about it but it gives me some sort of reassurance, knowing that I am in a dream and that if I died, I would wake up (mostly through dreams when someone/thing is trying to kill me…). I have found that I’d only dream if I hadn’t done anything too mentally strenuous before sleeping otherwise I’d be up through the night thinking about things, philosophizing, thinking about different scenarios as I imagine we all do sometimes. I have also found that when in a nightmare and I realized that it was a dream I would tell myself to wake up several times and sometimes succeeded, waking up very disoriented and trying to keep my eyes open for long enough to become fully awake so not to slip back into that nightmarish land. I would realise that it was a dream before being able to let myself fall asleep and dream about something else. I have a lot of dreams involving food, even when I am being chased, sometimes I would find myself stopping by a shop or restaurant somewhere and having a bite to eat before I began running away again (clearly this stems from my love of food).

As a child I had recurring dreams/nightmares about being chased, whether it is by a pack of large dogs or people. It never had a definitive end as I was never caught but always in some sort of limbo of trying to run away, even though my legs were like lead and the chasers being close by. For some reason a lot of times I was able to fly but in the most useless way, I would flap my arms and be lifted higher and higher until I reached a certain point where no matter how hard I flapped, I was slowly getting closer to the ground again, so I would only evade my captors through height for a mere few seconds..(Turns out they could fly too and were much better than me). I think this kind of ‘flight’ came from video games, like the animation where it would kind of hover; you had to press the button faster in order to achieve gradual height. I know that the universal meaning of being chased means that you’re running from something or someone in real life, however I can’t think of what a young child could be running from.. I can link being chased by dogs to an incident as a child when I was chased by a dog down the road, but I wasn’t severely traumatized by it, it was an isolated incident and I have always loved dogs. However there must be some kind of subconscious effect since it is one of my youngest memories and I have been chased by dogs several times in my dreams.. I have also often found myself with the ability to scale high fences through people’s backyards when running away from something as one would jump over a ticket barrier or something.

As I grew older, I found that I could make more sense of my dreams and pinpoint where certain points came from in my real life. A lot comes from your own memory and I assume that strangers in your dreams are always someone you’ve seen maybe passing by on the street. Also incidents that have involved strong emotions have a big possibility of appearing in some form in your dreams. The more mundane dreams often stem from things happening in real life being repeated in your dreams with slight variations. They can also come from your own conscious thoughts or fantasies. Later on, I began to have fewer nightmares and more pleasant or mundane dreams, a lot of times I would look forward to going to bed to see what dreamland had in store for me. Recently I have had dreams of doing what I love to do most – swimming or anything water related. It could be something as simple as diving underwater in a pool for some time and I’d wake up a happy bunny.

Tell me what you think!

Till our next meeting,

Anon Online.