Summer’s here, the time when we go on holiday. We’re all excited for the sun, the sea, the city.. but how about the travelling itself? A lot of people have motion sickness and this can be the annoying part of the holiday for them. You may lose your appetite on the plane and as a result eat less and feel drained of your energy. Here are some food tips for your plane journey.

The goal of bringing these foods is to stay hydrated, feel satiated and to have energy. Please note that I am only posting the little that I do know and you should try out different things yourself.

There are some common foods that people tend to avoid if they don’t do well on planes. For example coffee, alcohol, salty, greasy foods (crisps). These foods will dehydrate you, as if being on the plane itself isn’t dehydrating enough! Diary is another food group to avoid if you feel nauseas. I’m not quite sure as to why, but I assume because it’s a rich and heavy food.

To keep yourself satisfied and energised you should eat more light and ‘clean’ foods for example fruits and vegetables. A lot of them have high water content (cucumbers, celeries) and will help hydrate you. They also have a fresh taste that will be unlikely to make you feel sick. Coconut water is also very good for hydration. It also hydrates your body faster, but if you don’t like the taste, go for juices or just stick to water.

You might still feel hungry as fruits and vegs aren’t very substantial assuming you don’t bring a whole orchard with you. You can bring some potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, things that will make you feel full but are quite bland in taste. This will bring help you eat more carbs and keep you full for longer.

You can also bring things such as protein/snack bars/ nut mixes. These are very easy to transport and light. They can help you fill up on protein that you might usually get from other sources (it probably won’t be as much). They don’t take a long time to eat and is just something sweet for you. However the amount of protein you get will obviously depend on what you eat.

These are just some simple suggestions for portable, mostly dry foods for your PLANE journey. Keep in mind that it should be followed for a short amount of time, eg – long haul flights and not to be followed as some sort of dietary plan as it won’t be enough to sustain you over a long time.

I hope this gives you some ideas, happy travels!

Till our next meeting,

Anon Online.


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